Established from a partnership between Tecera International Co. Ltd and Debar Ceramics, Tecera Africa is set to distribute and sell wear resistant lining products to sub-Saharan Africa and promises perfection, customer service, innovation and outstanding quality.

Tecera International is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high quality wear resistant ceramics and in combination with the South African BBEEE rating and knowledge of the African industry, Tecera Africa strives to become the number one wear resistant lining supplier in Africa.

Our VISION is of being a leading black owned company providing niche solutions to the industry in Southern Africa through providing a range of products and services by being competitive, cost effective and efficient.

Tecera Africa, through its co-owner Debar Ceramics, installs a wide range of wear resistant lining products for wear protection in coal mining, mineral beneficiation and bulk material handling systems. Alumina ceramics is one of the hardest substances known to man and few other materials can compete on a cost to life cycle basis with its hardness and wear resistance. Alumina ceramic material can be formed into any shape and size with various qualities for specific applications.

Ceramic tiles and related products used by Tecera Africa are made to very specific specifications and maintain a high grade of no less than 92% alumina content which is wear resistant. Our tiles are embedded into an epoxy adhesive applicable to the application, which counters moisture creep and sulphide attack. This lining increases the life span of steel and related products which are subject to severe erosion

We specialize in the following products:
  • 92% Alumina ceramics
    • Standard bricks and tiles
    • Pipe tiles
    • Cone sets
    • Ceramic cylinders
    • Pulley lagging
  • Cyclone product line

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  • Silicon Carbide linings
  • Basalt linings
  • Ultra-high molecular weight poly-ethylene linings
  • Chromium carbide linings
  • Epoxy and wear compound

Our tiles are available in various dimensions and thickness, as required by each application. Pre-engineered tiles are also available for piping of various diameters and specialized pre-engineered sets for cyclones and similar applications.

Our aim at Tecera Africa is firstly to build, maintain and improve customer satisfaction, service and relationships. We aim to understand your needs and aim to satisfy them and reduce your running costs with our experience, technical knowledge and innovation. Secondly, we aim to become the marketleader of wear resistant linings in Africa by supplying quality products on time and according to clients’ specifications.

Mr. Letsosa Matona

CEO and Board Member

Having been in the wear resistant industry for 8 years, Letsosa Matona spotted a gap for a black owned company. He Established Debar Ceramics in April 2014, a 100% black owned company with a core focus on the supply, installation and maintenance of non-ferrous wear-resistant materials.

Mr. Mowei Wu


Mr. Mowei Wu is the current General Manager and shareholder of Shandong Tecera Technology Co.,Ltd. Thanks to over 10 years' experience in the ceramic industry, Mr. Wu has excellent background of management for technical ceramic production, marketing, financial control, investment etc.

Ms. Amelia Pelser

Sales Manager

Newly appointed Sales Manager with 6 years' experience in Wear Resistant Ceramics ranging from management of projects and sales. Amelia also has 5 years' experience and knowledge in the Silicon Carbide Field and Thermal Ceramic Insulation products.